"For the Son of Man came
not to be served but to
and to give his life a ransom
for many.
" (Mark 10:45)

Mission Team Prayer

Dear Lord,
Thank you for bringing us together to prepare for this mission trip.  Please bless us, and all of the people who assist us on our mission journey, as we work together as a community to serve You.  Help us to grow in our Catholic faith and strengthen us for the trials we may encounter.  Please help us to recognize our gifts and share them freely with those in need.  Thank you for Your guidance and love.

With our hands, Lord, 
may we work for You.
With our hearts, 
may we always be kind.
With our eyes, 
may we search far and wide for the good You 
would like us to find.
With our mouths, 
may we speak loving things.
With our ears, 
may we hear what is true.
With our minds, 
may we be wise enough to live our whole lives for You.